Spring Fever Has Hit

I do not care what the calendar – or the thermometer for that matter – says, I have Spring Fever now.

Mother Nature teased us here in the Middle Peninsula of Virginia with some seriously Spring-like days. Around here, the moment we see a few early blooming daffodils, we are chomping at the bit to get outside and enjoy our river lifestyle. 

For us, that burst of yellow on an otherwise dead-looking median means Mother Nature has announced that Spring is here.

Even if she is just kidding.

Those little yellow flags of flowers dotting the roadside mean two things: 

Spring Cleaning – gotta do it, Girl!


The Return of Colors – I am already in artist mode translating the early blooming floral hues into eyeshadows and lipsticks.

You know I love some inspiration borrowed from Mother Nature’s endless palette. But those are two very different topics; we need to tackle the lesser fun task before we can enjoy playing with color. 

So, I am breaking this blog into two posts. 

Part 1: Spring Cleaning Our Beauty and Style Areas

Part 2: Spring Colors and How We Can Wear Them

Most people think about dusting, opening windows, and deep cleaning floors when they hear the words, Spring Cleaning. Okay, in all honesty, I think of those dreaded brooms and mops, too. 

But, because we women tend to neglect ourselves, I make Spring cleaning an exercise in self-care. 

I tackle my areas: bathroom, vanity, closet, dresser. Sounds cringeworthy and overwhelming, right? I get it; we have attachments to many of our beauty products and wardrobe items. 

But it is time to purge, clean, and organize!

Okay, do this.

Gather Your Supplies

First, we need to gather a few necessary supplies.

Two Large Garbage Bags

Get at least two large garbage bags. Yes, you are going to part with that smelly gift set Aunt Irma gave you for Christmas! And a few other things, too.

Your Reading Glasses

Those product labels can be small. It is not an acceptable excuse to hold on to a product because you are ill-prepared to read the small print.


This is optional, but hey, we might as well dance and have a little fun, right? I jam out to Jimmy Buffet to help welcome the warmer weather.

A large hamper or box

Cleaning cloths or paper towels

A natural, grease-cutting cleaner (for surfaces of bottles, trays, counters)

A well-lit area

A flat, spacious surface to work.

The floor or countertop is fine. Make room, not excuses!

For each part of this exercise, we are creating three piles: keep, maybe, and trash-that-crap.

Don’t get too excited about a keep pile, each product has specific criteria that must be met to make it to the keep pile.


Do not be too surprised if this ends up being your biggest pile. If you do this exercise honestly, it will be.


You may have a legitimate reason for keeping these items; you simply haven’t made a full determination, yet.


To make it to this pile, each product must satisfactorily answer the following questions. The examples below are for the skincare group, but we use the same model for all three groups, and I do provide descriptions of what I mean for makeup and clothing, as well.

  • Has the product expired?
    • If you can’t find a date, remember this general rule: powders last up to two years, creams and lotions last 18-ish months.
  • Does the product pass the sniff test?
    • Even if the label says the product is still good, smell it. 
    • Really! This is an important step, especially if the product is not an airless container. Any liquid, lotion, or cream exposed to air or -ick – fingers has bacteria and oxidation.
  • Does the product meet your lifestyle philosophy?
    • Not sure? Think about how you live.
      • Are you mostly concerned about health and clean living?
      • Or, does the word natural make you feel good?
        • (btw… those two italicized words are not the same, but that topic is for a different blog).
    • Maybe your buzzword is ‘medical’?
    • Or you could be sitting here thinking, 
      • “what in the world is Heather rambling about now? I don’t have a philosophy. I have no clue how to take care of my skin and just buy based on trends and impulses.”
      • It’s okay, and kudos to you for admitting this. We will get you there. One step at a time.
  • Does the product accomplish its purpose?
    • Think about what you want you skincare products to do for you.
      • If you do not know, let’s consult.
      • If you do know, do you feel they are improving your skin concerns, it needs to go away.
  • This last question might be more difficult: Are you emotionally attached to the product?
    • Think about that ultrasonic scrubber you use once in a while even though it hurts your skin because your well-meaning best friend gave it to you.
    • Or the gift-with-purchase lotions and potions you keep because they were free or from a trendy line, but you don’t even know if they are ideal for your skin.   
    • Or those damn cheap body gift sets Aunt Irma keeps giving you. 
    • You get the point.

Let’s Tackle Skincare First

Envision a welcoming space where you will be able to create a skincare ritual. That is our end goal.

Time to focus. This task may require a bit of tunnel vision; you do not want to get distracted by soap scum or toilet bowl rings. No, this clean-up is only about you and the shelf, basket, drawer, bag, or whatever it is you keep all your toiletries in.

Gather all of your skincare-related itmes. Yes, all of them: the lotions, potions, oils, and scrubs you have accumulated over the last year or, dare I say, more. Dump them on your flat, well-lit surface. Spread them out so you can see everything.

Next, divide body care products and face care products into separate groups. We use face care on our face and body care on our bodies. Please, avoid using body care on your face.

If you keep your makeup in with your skincare, remove all makeup to a separate pile to be dealt with later. Right now, we are concentrating on skincare products only.

Pick up each item, one at a time. Refer to the questions above, answering each one.

Once you have answered the questions for each product, you will have three piles. The keep pile is three – ten products you know you will use faithfully and properly. You should know they are correct for your skin. If you are unsure, place them in the maybe pile and schedule a consultation with me. Put everything else in that third pile.

Now inhale…

and without any further thought, pick up the entire trash-that-crap pile and throw it in the trash bag. You are doing great. It felt good, right? Come on, admit it.

Next, clean off your shelf or get a tray. No bags or drawers, please; you want to see your products so you will remember to use your products (remember that space for a self-care ritual we are trying to create?)

Arrange your remaining face care products on it in a readily available clutter-free location, so it is convenient and inviting to use daily. Cleanser too, do your face a favor; wash it in the sink in tepid water outside the shower. Please?

Keep up the forward motion!

You are one-third finished this spring cleaning exercise. All you have to do now is repeat the above process for makeup and again for your wardrobe.

Seriously. We are doing the same exercise with our color cosmetics and our wardrobes, using slightly different criteria. 

You will likely be more emotionally attached to some pieces in these categories. But, if we can figure out why and trash-that-crap, you will have room and organization to add the right items for best expressing your style.

Now Let’s Clean Up Our Makeup Act

Get that second trash bag ready.

Picking up each item, ask the same questions you asked yourself for the skincare questions. (see above).

Mascaras and liquid liners are some exceptions to expirations dates. You should only use these items for about three months after opening, before replacing them. The same exception applies to lip glosses. With foundations and creams, especially if your fingers touch them, the expiration date will be shorter. Airless containers are best.

When you ask yourself the emotional attachment question, answer it honestly. For hard-to-let-go-of items that you know you should be trashing, figure out what you are holding on to.

I find women are much more attached to their makeup than to their skincare. 

I did a makeup bag makeover for one client who had been using the eyeshadow palette she owned in high school – she was 47! Not replacement versions of the original; the same thirty-year-old compact! When we started talking about her reason for still using it, she discovered she was holding onto memories of when she felt most attractive. We worked through it, and she chose to trash-that-crap!

I hear stories like that a lot. And it is okay.

Next, we have to add a new question: the color question.
Is it the right shade for you?
Do you even know your true intrinsic colors?

I will answer for you: most women do not.

When we break it down by looking at the unchanging macros (like I do in a color consultation), most women are surprised to discover what colors they should wear.

Why? Because exposure to life alters our skin overtones, most of us have colored our hair, and most of us do not know how to read eye color properly. Other factors also figure in.

This is why you have color-obsessed Heather with the tools to help you understand the world of hues as they affect you personally.

Together, we can move you into the present and help you empower your beauty right now! Schedule a custom makeup consultation with me, you will be glad you did.

You are in the final stretch. Now you only have your wardrobe to sort through.


Now you will need the box or hamper, for donations, in addition to the trash bag. Start in whichever spot is less intimidating, your closet or your armoire. My closet is easiest because I tend to keep it more organized. 

This time, we also need to add a ‘donate’ pile. 

While I would never recommend donating used or expired beauty products, good clothes can stay out of the landfill and be perfect wardrobe additions for the right woman.

Pull out one category (shirts, or pants, or whatever) at a time and ask yourself almost the same set of questions for each item as we did for our skincare and color cosmetics. 

In answering the questions, consider the following factors:

  • Does it fit you right now? (no? Trash it or donate it.)
  • Does it flatter your current body type?
    • Unsure? Put it in the maybe pile and let’s talk.
    • Otherwise, trash or donate.
  • Ask yourself that color question again.
    • Is the color/tone/shade really right for you? 
    • Do you get compliments on how good you look? 
    • Does your complexion look brighter and more even when you wear it?
    • Unsure of the answers to these? Put it in the maybe pile and let’s talk.
    • Otherwise, trash or donate.
  • Along with color, take into consideration your personality. Yes, your personal style matters. 
    • Do you feel absolutely-freakin’-amazing when you wear it? 
    • Or do you feel like you are wearing a costume and can’t wait to take it off as soon as possible?
    • Unsure of the answers to these? Put it in the maybe pile and let’s talk.
    • Otherwise, trash or donate.
  • Are they years, possibly decades, past their expiration date? 
    • I know apparel does not come with an actual expiration date, but it should have an out-of-style expiration date! If the 80s did not want it, neither does 2022.

Look for tears, missing buttons you won’t replace, and unraveled hems. If you do not sew, consider hiring a seamstress r alterations person. Otherwise, these items, along with any stained items, go to the trash-that-crap pile.

Once you have gone through all your clothing, neatly arrange the keepers in your closet by category and color.

Don’t want to do this Spring cleaning alone?

Have some fun on Saturday, April 2 at my studio. All you have to do is RSVP (watch for an invite through my facebook group), dump all your skincare and makeup into a bag and show up.

Better yet, bring a friend. RSVP with a +1 or 2 if you do. Space is limited. I will add more sessions as needed..

It will be fun and satisfying to sift through all your old cosmetics!

I look forward to seeing you there!

We have separate wardrobe and color workshops in the works, so stay tuned.

Beautiful blessings,
~Heather K.