Wellness through Beauty.



Skincare, makeup, and style fads, trends, and fashions come and go. This is because beauty cannot be mass-produced; one-size-for-all face potion, color, treatment, style — does not fit all.

When a woman looks in the mirror, she sees an individual whom she knows intimately. She either loves the image gazing back from the mirror, has bittersweet feelings regarding her reflection, or, sadly, absolutely despises the appearance of who she sees.

But most females have no idea how to see (discover), embrace (decide to love what you cannot change, improve what you can) and nurture (care for) themselves head-to-toe, inside and out. 

The following services will help you feel and look as beautiful as you are!

Wholistic Skincare Treatments

Customized Facial Treatment

  1. no two faces are exactly alike
  2. no one face is the same from day to day

As a Master Esthetician for over 30 years, I will start with a thorough aging analysis and then determine which correct dermal therapies will be applied.

The 75-minute face treatment will be customized according to your skin’s type and current conditions.

Your facial always includes a double cleanse, appropriate exfoliation, massage, serums, mask, tonic and moisture.

It will also include one or more of these modalities:

  • mild microcurrent with light therapy
  • hi-frequency
  • gua sha
  • cold therapy
  • cupping
  • lymph drainage
  • extractions
  • derma-stamping

Skin Resurfacing 

More intense than the individualized enzyme peels included in the Customized Facial Treatment, these treatment options take the re-surfacing to deeper levels and can provide a variety of results such as:

  • lightening, 
  • brightening, 
  • evening of tone, 
  • reduction of acne scarring, 
  • improvement of fine lines and wrinkles
  • And more. 

Together we choose the proper peel for you, according to desired results, skin type, skin conditions, and, of course, Fitzpatrick level (For skin resurfacing, the ‘Fitz’ plays an incredibly important role.)

Most peels are offered in packages of 6 or 12 because we achieve optimal results when done in a series.You can purchase one mini-peel before purchasing a series, if you prefer, so you can know what to expect.

Peels can only be booked September – May (because we live on the coast, in the south, surrounded by ‘rivahs’! ) …meaning we have too much fun in the sun and on the water for a peel to be 100% safe, or even as effective as desired, during our outdoor season.

You can request a specific peel, however, we will consider various factors together and determine which peel or peel combo is best for you.

You can request a specific peel, however, we will consider various factors together and determine which peel or peel combo is best for you.

Peels cannot be booked on-line. Please call for more information and to schedule your appointment.

Here is a partial list of peels  offered:.

  • Alpha Beta Peels
  • Glycolic
  • Salicilic
  • AHA – Vitamin C
  • Lactic
  • TCA
  • Jessners

BioLift and Tone (coming soon)

This nonsurgical microcurrent treatment series provides better than facelift results, without going under the scalpel!

Check back soon or join our mailing list for more details.


Full Custom-blend Makeup Session (base, lips, eyes, cheeks)

Have all your makeup products custom-blended so they are the exact color, coverage, consistency, and contain the right actives for you.

You leave with a full face of makeup so plan something special afterwards!


  • retail-sized custom-blend foundation, 
  • concealer, 
  • powder, 
  • blush, 
  • two eyeshadows, 
  • one lip product,
  • one mascara (not custom blend)

Additional items may be purchased.

Custom-blend Foundation

Seriously, who wants to settle for a mass-produced foundation when you can have one created exactly to your desires and needs?

Whether you want liquid, mousse, cream or mineral powder, you can have your foundation custom-blend to exactly the right color, coverage, and skin-actives for your needs.

Plus, you get 5 days to decide if your custom-blend needs adjusting, during that time, any formula tweaking is included in the original price.

After that you only need to pay a minor adjustment fee. So, let’s say you purchased your custom-blend and loved it but only used ¼ bottle before heading to the Pacific Islands for 3 weeks and came home as a bronzed goddess. The foundation can be tweaked to match! 

Once your products are formulated your recipe will be on file so you can simply order it at the product retail price (see product prices)

Custom-blend Lip Color


Imagine having your lip color created to match your exact specifications!

From traditional gloss to matte liquid lipstick, sheer lipstick to full-bodied organic lipstick, you can create the exact shade and texture you want, right down to flavor essence!

Once your custom-blend is finalized, the recipe is kept on file so you can simply re-order at the retail price. (See product pricing)

Custom-blend Blush, Bronzer, Eyeshadow

Create the perfect shades for your eyes and your cheeks using pure mineral colors.


(check FAQs or ask for Club information)

Brow Shaping 

Required prior to a maintenance schedule, an initial brow shaping includes brow mapping, waxing with non-petroleum natural-based wax, tweezing, and product application with lesson.

After you receive your initial brow shaping service, you are automatically a member of the Brow Shaping Club.

Brow Tinting

Give your brows a color boost with eyebrow tinting. 

This process uses a gentle vegan, gluten-free cruelty-free semi-permanent vegetable dye to intensify or alter your natural color.  

While especially great for intensifying lighter brow hairs on blondes or redheads, darker brows can appear fuller and more defined because the tint colors fine, hard-to-see hairs, too.

After you receive your initial service, you are automatically a member of the Brow Tint Club.

Age-defying Brow Lift

If you want fuller, thicker brows, this effective non-invasive, non-medical treatment includes shaping, tinting, and laminating for a youthful lifting effect to your eyes without the botox.

After you receive your initial service, you are automatically a member of the Brow-lift Club.


(check FAQs or ask for Club information)

Magnetic Lashes Customization & Lessons

In this service, we determine the best style of magnetic eyelashes for you which will also be trimmed to fit your eye shape.. You will be taught how to properly apply them and remove them before you leave.

As part of this service, you receive your personalized lashes, an application tool, magnetic eyeliner, and a retail-sized eye makeup remover.

Depending on use, lashes remain in excellent condition up to 20 uses. 

Each time you purchase new lashes, you pay only for the lashes themselves and customization.

Lash Tinting

Ditch the daily mascara for up to 6 weeks with this treatment which provides a beautifully full, natural look.

While this service is excellent for those with light lashes, darker lashes can benefit as well, because the tint intensifies or alters the natural color for more dramatic lashes.

This process uses a gentle, gluten-free vegan, cruelty-free semi-permanent vegetable dye to intensify or alter your natural color.

After you receive your initial service, you are automatically a member of the Lash Tinting Club.  

Lash Lifting

Enjoy freedom from daily use of lash curlers! 

This service creates perfectly lifted lashes that lasts for up to 6 weeks! 

After you receive your initial service, you are automatically a member of the Lash Lifting Club

Lash Lift & Tint

Combine lash tinting and lash lifting into one service for added convenience and savings. 

After your initial treatment, you are automatically a member of the Lift & Tint Club.


A gentle, natural, non-petroleum-based wax low temperature is used to remove unwanted facial hair.

With consistent appointments combined with home care and implementing appropriate wellness recommendations, the hair growth will diminish.

  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Sideburns
  • Hairline

Image/Style (These Services will be Available Again 9/01/2021)

Closet Clean-out

Inherent Color & Color Personality Analysis

Body Type Analysis w/Wardrobe Recommendations

Virtual personal Shopping

In-person Personal Shopping

Capsule Wardrobe & Event Wardrobe Creation

Image Classes