The Destiny's HOPE Foundation

HOPE for a Bright Future because You Survived Your Past

The Destiny’s Hope Foundation is born out of two stories.

Why would I want to form a philanthropic entity and call it The Destiny’s HOPE Foundation? The Foundation results from the intersecting lives of two survivors with traumatic stories. One story ends in joy; the other ends with heartache.

The first story entails my own struggles, battles, and ultimate victories over traumas. Sometimes, when I think back on the story of my life thus far, I wonder how I even made it to this point. But for God. The traumas I survived had resulted in C-PTSD, Chronic Depression, and Acute Generalized Anxiety. Mine is a complex story which I will reveal over time through my blogs as I am ready.

The second story is overflowing with chapters named after young women. Women who have overcome abuse, addictions, unspeakable trauma. Girls who live with labels such as “addict” (even though they are successfully in recovery), “felon” (even though they did their time and are non-criminals to begin with) “mentally ill” (even though they manage their illness just fine, thank you.)

A Common Theme (& The Reason I Formed The Destiny’s HOPE Foundation)

All of these stories have one common aspect to them. Society shunned, and continues to shun them the women living these stories. They have trouble getting more than minimum-wage dead-end jobs. Even (especially?) churches marginalize these girls, making them feel as if they are wearing scarlet letters.

But, one chapter of the second story stands out for me. That chapter tells the story of Destiny, a sweet damaged soul with a huge heart and a tragic story. I had the privilege of enjoying a close almost mother/daughter friendship with Destiny during her short life, a life that should have blossomed gloriously, but was cut short instead, when she succombed to the stress of rejection, judgement, and shame.

But God, What Does This Heartache Mean for Me?

Destiny had a big personality and big dreams, but life got in the way. I was her friend, her mentor, and more.

When Destiny died, I asked God for many months why, and what I was supposed to take away from being such a big part of her heart-wrenching story.

Ever-faithful, God showed me how Destiny’s story can help other women through me. I am excited to announce the Destiny’s Hope Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to empower girls with a past to embrace HOPE for a beautiful future! Through training, income potential, and mentoring the Destiny’s Hope Foundation will change the future of women for generations by breaking victim mindsets and generational curses!

How can you support the foundation? Well, for one, you can purchase Beauty Therapy Products by Wholistically Beautiful. To begin, 4% of all profits will go to programs benefiting marginalized women.

As my company grows, so will the foundation and my ability to help society’s shunned women.

Beautiful blessings,

~Heather K. (Isaiah 61 and 62:3)