I Will Win this War!

It’s been a little more than a month since my first post after my recent head injury.  I did write a second post but it disappeared forever when I tried to publish it; maybe that’s a good thing {wink}.  So here I am, attempting to put my thought down in a cohesive way.  It has been a much more difficult time than I had envisioned. Isn’t that always the way things seem to happen?  Wanna know why? Satan sneaks up.

He does: he sneaks right into our plans, our, faith, our hope. And if we aren’t careful, he will succeed at his diabolical scheme to defeat us.  That’s exactly what he did to me this time.  I was prepared to face the world with the new scar forming on my head, knowing that it didn’t change anything about me or my beauty, because I know who I am in God: I am His princess, created in His image. None are more beautiful than that. I had on my armor of God, I was ready for Satan’s onslaught.  Instead he snuck up in areas where I naturally let my guard down, during times such as sleep and play.

He crept into my subconscious, causing bouts with anxiety and even minor flashbacks.  I could feel my focus shifting and my confidence slipping. Instead of remembering my beauty as God’s princess, I started thinking that every time I went out in public, people would notice my new scar rather than noticing me.  Fear of attempting to explain the inevitable question of how I injured my head (seriously, the looks  I get when I tell even medical personnel that it all resulted from a panic attack!) served to further increase my anxiety, making me not want to go out at all.  What a vicious ugly cycle he almost succeeded in creating in my mind.

But Satan didn’t expect my heart to take over.  Yes, he was winning the battle with my mind.  My mind got tired of fighting this un-beatable foe.  It was time for my heart to take over the conflict and claim victory.  That is exactly what happened.  God whispered for me to “be still”.  He needed me to quiet my mind.  He needed me to just be.  I listened and obeyed.  I realized how exhausted I was and fell into a rare nap.  When I woke, I experienced a welcome calmness. I knew that while I slept, my prince charming, my One True Lord, had more than just won this battle, he had claimed victory over this War!

That is what happens when we let our true heart take over: we let God in to dwell there.  This is how battles are won and victory is claimed. Thank you, Lord, for winning this battle for me, and reminding me how beautiful I am as your princess.

Many Blessings,

~heather k.




  1. Crystal

    I am so glad that our God of perfect peace stepped in in His timing and won the battle. He always does. We just need to wait on and rest in Him. I love you my dear sister. ❤️

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