So, Just What Is Wholistic Beauty?

Since I am a professional in the beauty industry, I talk about wholistic beauty like every girl is born knowing just what the term means. I promote wholistic beauty, fully understanding all it encompasses. But, I never considered most women don’t know.

Why would they, if no one taught them? That’s my job! Therefore, how can I expect you to have your aha moment? Or even start your journey, let alone enjoy it? If you don’t know what the overall goal is, or what the victory looks like, you have no reason to desire entering into what may seem like a scary journey.

Wholistic Beauty Means Inner Harmony

Wholistic beauty radiates from within & is uniquely you. Experience beauty from the inside out.

So, just what is wholistic beauty? Well, simply put, it is true beauty, a transcending beauty that we all possess. The elements that comprise wholistic beauty are our minds (thoughts and emotions), our spirits, and our bodies. Therefore, these parts of our selves must work in harmony and balance.

We must look within and find what makes up our personal recipe for beauty. This beginning step is the hardest, yet most most important phase of your journey. It should be a mindful deliberate exercise of honest, introspective self-discovery, an evaluation of your imbalances. Only after we have truthfully faced our inner workings in all three areas can we progress and experience beauty from the inside out.

Once a woman has identified who she is in all areas, she learns how to nurture and love her entire being, each part separately, and all of those beautiful parts working harmoniously. Actively caring for her self becomes a part of a daily self-care routine. Through this ritual, a woman grows in esteem, confidence, and spirit. Hence, the resulting beauty radiates from within.

In my next few blog posts, I will share some simple effective ways of beginning, or stepping up, your self-care game. But, don’t wait! Browse my website and sign up to receive a complimentary virtual consultation.

Beautiful Blessings,

~Heather K., Licensed Esthetician and Beauty Coach